Art and culture

as educational tools for

social inclusion and transformation



We work on two fundamental axes, education to the development by the sensitization of works. And on the other side, we give theater workshops that seek the welfare of the subjects who receive them, promoting coexistence, the integration and the interculturality of diverse social groups in situations of vulnerability with different characteristics of age, sex, origin, religion and ideology. 



We work through creative processes in which there are different parts and methodologies of work, but always based on documentation research and field work to share and better understand the situations and realities of different groups. And in this way, make visible different situations of vulnerability faced by different communities and social groups with whom we work or are in contact through artistic and theatrical performances.

Colombia Es


Awareness-raising project together with PBI and the Mundubat Foundation in 2019 on the armed conflict in Colombia.
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Awareness-raising project together with PBI and the Mundubat Foundation in 2019 on female migration and the train "the Beast" in Mexico.
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The Labyrinth


Awareness-raising project in 2018 together with CEAR and other activists on the violence perpetrated by the Maras in El Salvador.
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We advocate for Human Rights

and we strive to guide and follow up on people in order to create bonds and encourage coexistence and cohesion within the society.


Theatre to spotlight those who defend human rights

El País | Published on 8th of October 2019

Colombia Es brings to the stage five war, pain and arbitrariness narratives, resulting from the Colombian conflict.”

CEAR invites, In Madrid, to enter the labyrinth from which victims of Mara gangs escape

CEAR’s website | Published on the 25th of July 2018

“Would you be able to escape from this labyrinth? Getting in is very easy, but getting out could cost your life. This is the situation that victims of the maras, the criminal groups that impose their law in Central America, face on a daily basis”. 

partnerships and


We work in cooperation with different entities, in Spain as well as in other countries. If you are interested in a future collaboration, please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact form.